Design Communication Tools: Stakeholders, Personas & User Journey Maps

WHY LEARN DESIGN COMMUNICATION TOOLS? In the world of work, design-related projects can involve the (re)consideration of physical and electronic products, task processes, and larger workspaces. Ergonomists, and other health & safety professionals, often find themselves on multi-disciplined teams of specialists wherein each brings their own points of view to the workplace situation of concern. It is not uncommon for ergonomists to feel like they are the only advocate for the worker/user on a team of technical and business specialists. Knowing how to effectively leverage systems thinking and design thinking tools promotes deeper empathy and understanding for the users and stakeholders.

WHY LEARN STAKEHOLDER MAPS, PERSONAS, & USER JOURNEY MAPS? This hands-on workshop will focus on three User Experience (UX) design methods which are building traction as “go-to” methods in the digital media design space: Stakeholder Maps, Personas, and User Journey Maps. Stakeholder maps allow the team to more thoroughly identify decision-makers and influencers associated with a project. Developing evidence-based Personas helps myth-bust assumptions about users, while creating user journey maps illustrates the emotional impact of current and anticipated design decisions. The beauty of each method is that it is easily adapted for use with physical products, task process, and workplace designs. The real power of combining the UX methods lies in the team conversations and learning that help build and refine the visualization artifacts. The three methods covered in this workshop are ones that can be carried out by individuals or by teams, regardless of workplace. 

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE WORKSHOP? We will apply each of the three UX methods to a practical case; and reserve some time for you to ask application questions for your own past/current/future projects. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to; Use provided templates/worksheets to create Stakeholder Maps, Personas, and User Journey Maps;  Facilitate small group discussions that leverage the method outcomes for building design team empathy; • Consider the advantages and limitations of applying each method to design-related workplace projects (past, current, future).

WORKSHOP LENGTH: Full-day workshop

FACILITATOR BIO:  Carolyn MacGregor specializes in user-centred design, usability, and user experience. She holds degrees in Psychology and Industrial Engineering; and has been a faculty member of the Department of Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo for over 20 years. Carolyn is a CCPE; and holds a Limited Engineering License (Professional Engineers Ontario) for teaching engineering design at the university level.




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